Nov 29

unless you count lifeguarding

Here I was, barely 20 years old, a penniless student trying out for my first real job, unless you count lifeguarding at the community pool back home in suburban Staten Island. What in hell was I doing? A month ago, I had been sitting in a classroom surrounded by gel haired meatheads named Vinnie and Frankie, living in what seemed like an endless rerun of MTV’s Jersey Shore. The boredom was overwhelming.

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But the company he built is in safe hands, with his gen next Nilesh Gupta and sister Vinita Gupta being in the driver seat. Nilesh was appointed Lupin Managing Director and Vinita as Chief Executive Officer in 2013. And since then, the company has taken some high profile steps in the global markets including a $880 million acquisition of New Jersey firm Gavis in 2015..

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Moved on loan initially from Middlesbrough, before arriving permanently months later. Starting as a sweeper in a back three, Barron became a reliable and honest centre half, before moving to right back. Captain and leader under Chris Turner, he was rewarded for a decade of playing service with a testimonial year.

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You’re vegan, and you’ve said, “Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you.” And there’s a Smiths song called “Meat Is Murder,” so I’m wondering what spirit animal would you like to come back as when you die? I feel very much like an animal now. You know, we’re all animals. I don’t think it matters what I come back as or whether I do.

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EASLEY IS NOT your typical football player. That was part of the reason Floyd liked him. At Florida, Easley would parade around with a Chucky doll after games. Felt great, said Khudobin, whose 3 0 1 record this season includes two wins and an overtime loss while No. 1 netminder Tuukka Rask was sidelined by a concussion. Time on the ice, felt pretty good.

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The museum is another jewel in the revitalization of Newark downtown, stretching back to the opening of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center 20 years ago. The Prudential Center opened in 2007 and is considered among the top concert venues in the country. Together the two have served as catalysts for new retail and residential development..

The Bears’ Marcus Cooper may have made the Bonehead Hall of Fame on Sunday when, with a 20 yard lead, he stopped before the end zone and had the ball stripped and knocked out of the end zone. How dare an opponent not allow a self aggrandizing millionaire finish his dance before getting to the end zone. The NFL originally offered far less in payments only to have a judge up the amount.

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